We are a family run business based in north devon and specialised in Building restoration, structural timber treatments and damp control we have over 19 years of trading in this field and offer a professional and friendly service using some of the best products from all the leading suppliers on the market in this field .

We offer treatment only for contractors we can carry out all the Remedial works as well.


we also carry out all types of building work, property maintenance and project management. 

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We are a Sovereign Approved Contractor for Timber treatments

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Terms and conditions



  1. Invoices to be paid in full within 7 days of invoice date. Unless previously agreed otherwise.

  2. Failure to pay on time will incur a rate of 2% per week interest on out standing balances with the balance being forwarded on to collection agency after 28 days have passed from invoice date. To recover outstanding balance.

  3. If necessary balances will be sort through legal action with the cost being sort after from customer plus interest to date. If this route must be taken any discounts given will be removed.

  4. Any payment plans agreed must be paid on the date set up each month. missed payment will incur a £25 charge.

  5. All invoice queries must be made in writing within 14 days of invoice date there after it will be deemed costumer is happy and full balance is required.



  1. If works completed are guaranteed works, no guarantees will be processed until full payment has been received. to which guarantees take up to 21 days to be received.

  2. guarantees for contractors that are completing the remedial works. All works must be completed to our specifications. These will be either by verbal or written notification.

  3. Guarantees will not be upheld if the property hasn’t been maintained. E.g. guttering, drains, roofs, flashings and plumbing leaks. How ever if we are informed and we can inspect and check that no impact has been done to treated areas as soon as any issues have been noticed.


Works carried out on treatment only. (for contractors)

  1. all follow on works must be completed to our specifications on all damp and rot treatments failure to do so is the responsibility of contractor and the contractor is solely liable.

  2. It is the responsibility of the contractor or customer to make sure everything is structurally sound before treatment.

  3. All masonry and timber work will only be treated if we deem structurally sound and safe to carry out works. we will treat in methods that will not change the structural integrity.

  4. All jobs organised by contractor on behalf of property owner in the first instance is deemed the word of the property owner. From that moment on all invoicing and quotes will be directed to the owner. This is to stop property owners from being stung by charges by contractors and so any guarantees are to the right name and address. 

Treatment and remedial works carried out by us.

  1. We will recommend any concerns in any structural issues and will advise required works or the need of a 3rd party to inspect.

  2. Our works will be carried out to the required standards and relevant works will be signed off for local authorities e.g. electrics and pluming.

  3. We our responsible and liable for any repairs or replacement works carried out by ourselves. Any structural repairs and replacements are photographed for our records.

Our pricing customers and employees

  1. Our prices are solely for the customer given to. they must not be past on as they can become knowledge to our rivals.

  2. All our work is on the bases of priced work. the price list is available on request. Any discounts given are at discretion.

  3. Employees are not to discuss pricing to anyone other than the customers themselves. they must not inform any other companies at any time.

  4. Employees must not communicate any information about the company after they leave the company for a period of 6 months from date of leaving.